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What's included in the course?

In this 8-lesson course, you will learn the basics of the art of the disk jockey. You will learn to download tracks and how to use them with rekordbox. 


You will learn to download and use tracks, how a track is arranged, what bars are and what elements there are to help you mix. We’ll go in depth on all the basic techniques, such as beatmatching, playing the mixer and using effects, hot cues and loops.


By the end of this course you will have all basic knowledge over the Pioneer DDJ 400 DJ player, you will be able to do multiple transitions and you’ll be ready to continue your learning journey on your own.

1. Rekordbox

2. Sfx and Efx

3. Track arrangement

4. Cue & Play / Pause

5. BPM & Beatmatching

6. The Mixer

7. Loops & Quantize

8. Hot cues


Jordi, also known as Jobi, is well known within the Amsterdam DJ scene for his creativity and vibes.  He teaches his students to mix like one of the pros, using some of the most advanced and playful techniques. Check his DJ session here.