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Advanced course

€40,00 per lesson*
Dit kanaal komt er binnenkort aan!
* Prices are ex VAT (21%) if you are 21 or older. You will receive an invoice after your first lesson. It's possible to pay in instalments.

During our advanced course you will take the step from passion to profession and start working on your DJ-career.

You will learn advanced techniques, new ways of mixing and presenting yourself as an artist, while we will help you with getting gigs at parties and clubs in Amsterdam.


Private lessons

We provide one on one lessons for every student of the DJ Academy. Through private lessons, the student gets a lot of personal attention, which will ensure better results.

Sound creation

Get confident with playing your kind of music. Define your own music style and become a pro within your genre(s).

Offering you a stage

Because of our connections within the amsterdam club scene, we can help you get gigs in different clubs or at one of our parties.

Advanced deejaying

Our coaches will be learning you various techniques within your own style and genre. The subjects become even more specific. You will also be practicing towards live sets in our studio.

Student session

Perform live at one of our student sessions, that take place at some of the most unique locations in Amsterdam. The student sessions will be filmed and published online,

so you can always see your performance back.

Career coaching

We will not only help you get better at deejaying, but we will also help you start your career. You’ll learn how to get better at performing live, work on your appearance and much more.

Professional teachers

All of our teachers are great coaches, who not only have mastered the art of deejaying, but also know how to coach students. With their knowledge they can bring you to your next level.

Your own mixtape

Create a mixtape and show all of your friends what you’ve learned at the Samurai Academy.

Artist management

Get a chance to be signed to our management and grow even further as an artist.

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