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House of Arts X Pitcher Perfect

House of Arts - with Midas Hutch

Our third edition was simply unforgettable. An unique of mix of various artists gave the night a very special and artistic vibe.

House of Hearts - with Sheila Hill

A very ‘lovelee’ edition of House of Arts, that will go down as one of the most romantic valentine's parties in Amsterdam.

House of Arts - with Sankoffa

The first edition of House of Arts was one for the books. The thursday night was brought to a whole new level with fresh DJ's, new artists and unique club entertainment.

The taste of Pho - with Yanda

Dine and dance! In collaboration with De Kring and Club Up we hosted our most exciting concept yet and brought the Vietnamese kitchen to the party scene.

Patta x HvA - Pop-up Shop

From the 11th of december until the 24th of december SPOT, the pop - up company of the HVA organised an event at our venue.

Aiche art gallery - with Cold wash

The creative initiative '' AICHE WORLD'' organised an art gallery in our venue, representing multiple artists and multiple clothing brands.

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