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duo dj course

become a back to back dj duo

Experience the excitement of DJing with a friend in our duo course. Whether you're just looking to have fun or aiming to become a dynamic DJ duo, this course is tailored for two. You'll learn how to collaborate seamlessly, develop complementary skills, and create unforgettable back-to-back sets. Enjoy the journey of mastering the art of DJing with someone who shares your passion.

Strong method

Everyone learns differently, so we have developed a professional and thoughtfully designed teaching method. How do we bring out the best in our students? By tailoring our approach to meet each individual's unique needs.

Career opportunities

Becoming a pro takes more than just skills! If that's your ambition, we've got your back to help you become the artist you want to be. We're here to assist, guide, and show you the way to bigger and better gigs.

1 on 1 & Fun

All our lessons are one-on-one to optimize your learning curve, designed around the principle that fun enhances results. Enjoying the process is not only pleasant but also the most effective way to unlock your creative potential. This approach ensures you will develop beyond even your own expectations.

Best price in town

We're passionate about making DJing accessible to everyone! At our core, we believe that music and the art of DJing should be enjoyed by all. That's why we proudly offer the most competitive fees in town, ensuring that aspiring DJs like you can pursue your passion without financial barriers.

dj lesson 1: Introduction & Welcome to dj school studio 7

dj lesson1-7:
The basic principles of djing

dj lesson1-7: Learning the basic dj techniques

dj lesson 7-15: mastering the basic dj techniques

dj lesson 7-15: Sound creation

dj lesson 7-15: Creeating your own mixtape

duo dj course outline

In our duo dj course, you and a friend will master the fundamentals of DJing together while creating your first mixtape. Over the span of 7 lessons, you'll build a solid foundation in DJing, ensuring you're both well-prepared to take your skills to the next level.

In the initial lessons, you'll get an introduction to the DJ set and its components, learn the fundamental principles of music and DJing, and develop essential skills such as beatmatching, looping, mixing, and organizing tracks.

As you progress through the course, you'll refine and enhance these foundational skills together, begin to develop your unique styles and sounds as a DJ duo, and apply everything you've learned to produce your first professional mixtape.
Join us and share the excitement of mastering the basics of DJing with a friend, setting you both up for future success in the vibrant world of music.

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15 lessons


€65 / lesson

20 lessons


€60 / lesson

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Pick a different
dj course

Depending on where you are on your DJ journey, you can pick one of 4 courses. All of them share the same method and goal: To help you bring your personal DJ identity to life and to share your passion with your audience. In a fun and inspiring way. 

Free trial dj lesson

Check for yourself and find out what it is like to learn the art and skill of DJing. No strings attached. After that, you’ll be ready to roll! Book your free Trial Lesson now. 

Basic dj course

You’ll learn, practice and demonstrate all the basic tricks of DJing. Yet you’ll also be exploring your musical identity and learn to share your passion with your audience. Book your Basic DJ Course now.

Advanced dj course

Mastering the basics, it may be time for you to take the step from passion to profession and to start working on your DJ-career. Book your DJ Advanced Course now. 

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