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studio 7

Master the art of djing

Learn how to deejay, from scratch to pro, or level up the DJ skills you already have, in a unique way, tailored to your personal needs. With a structured and playful, tested and adaptive method. In a pleasant and friendly environment, where you’ll feel at home, have fun and right in the heart of town. Offering lots of opportunities to enter the industry, with your taste and at your terms. 

Strong method

Everyone learns differently, so we have developed a professional and thoughtfully designed teaching method. How do we bring out the best in our students? By tailoring our approach to meet each individual's unique needs.

Career opportunities

Becoming a pro takes more than just skills! If that's your ambition, we've got your back to help you become the artist you want to be. We're here to assist, guide, and show you the way to bigger and better gigs.

1 on 1 & Fun

All our lessons are one-on-one to optimize your learning curve, designed around the principle that fun enhances results. Enjoying the process is not only pleasant but also the most effective way to unlock your creative potential. This approach ensures you will develop beyond even your own expectations.

Best price in town

We're passionate about making DJing accessible to everyone! At our core, we believe that music and the art of DJing should be enjoyed by all. That's why we proudly offer the most competitive fees in town, ensuring that aspiring DJs like you can pursue your passion without financial barriers.

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Book your free dj lesson now!


Our unique methodology is entirely learner centered. It’s about you. About what you need and want to learn, to become the dj you aspire to be. It’s been developed since 2012 in order to adjust properly to different personalities, ambitions and learning styles. With just one red thread: After 10 lessons, you’ll be mastering the DJ basics -or you’ll have reached that next level up-!

Pick a dj course

Depending on where you are on your DJ journey, you can pick one of 4 courses. All of them share the same method and goal: To help you bring your personal DJ identity to life and to share your passion with your audience. In a fun and inspiring way. 

Free trial dj lesson

Check for yourself and find out what it is like to learn the art and skill of DJing. No strings attached. After that, you’ll be ready to roll! Book your free Trial Lesson now. 

Basic dj course

You’ll learn, practice and demonstrate all the basic tricks of DJing. Yet you’ll also be exploring your musical identity and learn to share your passion with your audience. Book your Basic dj course now.

Advanced dj course

Mastering the basics, it may be time for you to take the step from passion to profession and to start working on your DJ-career. Book your DJ Advanced Course now. 

Duo dj course

Learn together with a friend, whether you're just looking to have fun or aiming to become a dynamic back-to-back DJ duo. Share the excitement of mastering new djing together.

Tonno disko

This school has produced some truly fantastic DJ's, including legends in the making like Laura Meester, Mia Cecille, Nico Marleen, Pelanoir and so many more! I recommend anyone who wants to take lesson or improve their skills to do so here!

Deejay abstract

Studio 7 is all about creativity. These guys are really innovative, refreshing and always ready to help. They let me use their studio for my streams during covid, it was always a big vibe!

Laura Meester

The vibe here is super chilled and friendly! I've learned so much more than just the basics. 7 was a huge help at the start of my DJ journey, they even gave me my first club night gig at one of their events!

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