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We are young, creative and can't wait to help you develop as an artist. Choose one of our courses below and start your deejay career now at 7 Samurai collective!

Book your first lesson at the Samurai Academy and find out how it is to be a DJ

Learn the basics of deejaying, while creating your own unique sound and mixtape

Take the step from passion to profession and start working on your DJ career

Our instructors


While bringing unmatched energy, Nigel can teach you how to mix the best RnB Classics, hottest rap tunes and the newest pop hits. He knows what makes the crowd dance, based on his experience in the clubs.


Jordi, also known as Jobi,
is well known within the Amsterdam DJ scene for his creativity and vibes.
 He can teach you how to mix like one of the pros, using some of the most advanced and playful techniques.


Because of his love for the art of deejaying, Manu started the '7 Samurai DJ Academy'. His goal is to keep on growing and make the DJ Academy one of the biggest in the Netherlands, while helping new talent. 

Why choose 7 Samurai?

Custom coaching

It doesn't matter if you have no experience or already had your first performances. Every lesson is custom made for you, so we can help you at every stage in your deejaying journey.

Young team

Our team of instructors consists of young deejays, who understand their profession well, but also take a lot of time to make the lessons creative, playful and fun.

Career opportunities

We will not only help you get better at deejaying, but we will also help you start your career. You’ll learn how to get better at performing, work on your appearance and get gigs.

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