7 Samurai Collective started in 2019 as a group of friends, who wanted to become successful with doing what they love. They are all connected through creativity and the ambition to help others.

The most important thing for creatives is to have a place to express their creativity. For many upcoming and unknown artists it’s hard to get their work presented to the world, and to be introduced to the right target audience. It is our mission to make it easier for creative people to be discovered. 7 Samurai Collective creates platforms for them, so they can improve their work and show it to the right stage.

7 Samurai Collective consists out of five components; events, artists, DJ academy, video productions and branding. These components compliment each other. Our management gets new artists from the DJ academy, and these artists perform on our events. The video productions and the branding component help our artists with creating their content, but are also hired by other companies. 





Benjamin Top is the co-founder and artist manager at 7 Samurai Collective. Since a young age Benjamin built up experience in artist management through multiple internships, while working with upcoming rappers. Now he wants to build a talented team of artists who are ready for the next step in their careers.

This samurai is responsible for all the creative outlets of our collective. She created our visual identity and came up with a fitting social strategy. She is specialized in branding, graphic design and photography. A fun fact about her is that she drinks a minimum of four cappuccinos a day, which leaves her very hyper during meetings.


Jordi is the other co-founder of 7 Samurai Collective and responsible for our video production outlet. He works as a DJ and is a mentor to other deejays. He also leads the creation of some of our events. Jordi's goal is to organise events all over the world, so that 7 Samurai Collective becomes known worldwide.


If you can't find him in the studio, making new mixes, he's probably behind his computer, downloading new songs. Manu is the head of the 7 Samurai DJ Academy and wants to make it the biggest DJ Academy within in The Netherlands. He's also the manager of our events, which he loves to do.


Creative ideas

It doesn't matter if you have no experience or already had your first performances. Every lesson is custom made for you, so we can help you at every stage in your DJ journey.

Creative community

Not only are you getting better with making music, you're also a part of a creative community; The 7 Samurai Collective. It is our mission to help you become as creative as possible.

Career opportunities

We will not only help you get better at deejaying, but we will also help you start your career. You’ll learn how to get better at performing, work on your appearance and get gigs.

Affordable pricing

We give high quality DJ lessons at a low price point. We are three times cheaper than other academies. Why? We want to make deejaying affordable for everybody, because we see it as our job to represent all the layers of society. 

Young team

Our team of instructors consists of young deejays, who understand their profession well, but also take a lot of time to make the lessons creative, playful and fun.

Top tier location

Our studio is in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the Rembrandtplein and Waterlooplein. The environment is amazing and brings a lot of inspiration. We can't wait to see you here!
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