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One of the most important things for creatives is to have a place to express their creativity. For many upcoming and unknown artists it’s hard to get their work presented to the world and to be introduced to the right target audience.


When 7 Samurai Collective was launched in 2019 by a group of friends, it quickly became their mission to help other creatives and to make it easier for them to be discovered. 7 Samurai Collective gives these creatives the opportunity to grow as artists and to show their work on the right stage.

7 Samurai Collective consists of five domains; DJ Academy, artist management, events, video productions and branding. Every domain complements another. Our DJ Academy trains young artists to perform, whilst our artist management recruits them and helps them build their careers. By hosting our own events, we can directly give these artists a stage to perform. Our video productions and branding domain help our artists with creating their content, but may also be hired by other companies.






Olivier Guntenaar is a Computer Scientist at the University of Amsterdam. In his free time, you’ll most probably find Olivier exercising, sitting behind a computer, watching the latest marvel movie or checking the newest science. Olivier can be called a strong analytical and ambitious person. Next to that, he can't sit still.

Hanna Kohn is a content creator with a background in the fashion industry. She loves to play around with branding and design choices, as well as with the building and execution of social media strategies. She acts as a coach to our artists and to other clients in the creative industry as well. Hanna is known as a coffee addict, which makes her very hyper during meetings.

oli 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Jordi Binnerts is an ever restless creative entrepreneur, who usually produces more ideas per minute than heartbeats. Jordi often acts as the kickstarter of our ventures, designing concepts for our events and the way to make these community owned. He is connected to many in the creative scene and loves to collaborate with always different bunches to make ideas a hit. Oh and he is a DJ too.  



Manu Schelvis is our solid rock of execution. He’s the manager of our events and also of the DJ Academy, for which he is continuously improving the curriculum, whilst coaching the instructors. In his free time, you’ll most probably find Manu in the studio, making new mixes or downloading new songs.


Unique work

To make sure that our work stands out above the rest, we're always looking for the most unique concepts, ideas and designs. Our work is always one of a kind.

Creative community

We're much more than a company! We're a community that brings artists together and gives them a platform to perform on. It is our goal to help creative people to the biggest stages possible.

Different components

Our collective exists of different components, which help and compliment eachother. This ensures that the work we can deliver is versatile, resourceful and well thought out.

Good vibes

While working as hard as possible, we still find time to relax, have a cup of coffee and talk to eachother and our clients. We're convinced that a good atmosphere and a great ambience leads to better performances.

Young team

All of our team members are young professionals, who understand their craft very well. We know everything about the newest trends and implement those in our work, while staying creative.

Top tier location

Our office is in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the Rembrandtplein and Waterlooplein. The environment is amazing and brings a lot of inspiration. We can't wait to see you here!


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